To WEN or Not to WEN?

It’s been awhile since I posted a blog, so I thought I would start 2015 with random topics other than social justice issues.  Lately, I’ve been hearing my friends especially “girlfriends” talking about hair products, what works, what should they try and etc.  *(Anything I post on here is strictly of my own opinion or my own experience and is not stated as fact.)

My Personal Experience::

Make up:

When it comes to make up, I am extremely picky what I put on my face, I have tried most products from Bare Minerals, Clinique, Lancome, Maybeline, Mary Kay, Revlon & other products.  Personally, for my face I use Clinique for base, blush and powder.  Bare Minerals I personally felt it didn’t cover as much as I wanted, but other than that I did like that it felt light.  For eyes and color I can range from Clinique, Revlon or Maybeline.  I use to use Lorelle, until I aged so did my skin, so I discontinued to use Lorelle for liquid eye liner for me, but the shadows I can still use.

I have many friends who are reps of Avon and Mary Kay, I did use Mary Kay when one of my foster mom was a rep, I believe I got burnt out on using them, but I am happy where I am as far as make up use, that I prefer to not try anything new at this time.  If I chose to try something new, I’d prefer to try something local “Rae Cosmetics” in Austin, TX is something I have tried.  I’ve been impressed with her eye shadows so far.   If you want to learn more about Rae Cosmetics you can go to:

Hair Products:

As far as hair products, I am just as picky as i am with make up.  Looking at both my parents and the hair experience have made me more conscious about haircare then before.  My mother use to color her hair quite often, but in the 80’s & 90’s it was the typical box chemical for perms or color, to put in so much chemicals causes extreme dryness, frizz and your scalp being itchy and burning.  I remember when I was in my early 20’s I use to bleach my hair with the box colored solutions, I remember feeling the burning in my own scalp, every time I would shampoo or condition my hair I would have a handful of my hair in my hand.

When I would go to salons (Before 2003), hair stylist would assume they knew my hair based on my ethnic background.  My sisters and I are all Asian, but 2 out of 4 of us have complete opposite type of hair.  My sisters are more baby fine, naturally straight and thin.  Me and my other sister have course, thick and frizzy hair we literally rely on a straightner to give that “commercial promotion” look.  In 2003-2004, I met a stylist that was listening to me from my past experience of other stylist mismanaging my hair.  For example, my sisters with baby fine hair if they wanted a spiral perm, they would need 2 bottles of solutions, but in less than 6 months their curls would run out.  My experience, you use the same 2 solutions of perm in my hair, even though me and my sister are both blood related, my hair would look like “Afro Puff” and my curls would last up to 2 years, so be cautious in following stylist suggestions.  Find a stylist that “listens” to you.

With as much coloring that I do with my hair, it is more healthier and manageable then it was 20 years ago.  Before I color or perm my hair I make sure it has been at least 90 days from your last color/perm.  You want to make sure your roots and scalp has healed from any chemicals that you put into your hair.  With my type of hair I don’t shampoo my hair everyday especially during the fall & winter, also how often you shampoo depends on the atmoshere where you reside as well as the climate.  During the summer I have to shampoo my hair everyday, especially when I’m working out.  Once a week no matter what the climate is, I use olive oil or other natural oils to put back the moisture and vitamins into my scalp.  I put the oils in my hair for about 20 mins then I thoroughly rinse out my hair, your hair will feel much softer so you’ll assume you haven’t done enough rinsing, but if you rinse it out at least 3-5 minutes you are good.

Something to think about, when you are using a product that works for you, don’t buy a new one and if you have thyroid, high blood pressure, or hormonal issues, talk to your doctor before trying a new product.  I personally use shampoos that have no sulfate, I don’t use any conditioner at all, I prefer oils over conditioner.  Remember I am no expert, but it’s all about doing your research, finding out what works for you and etc.  I do not WEN, just so you know. :)

Which one are you?

A.)  See a commercial using celebrities to promote a product and immediately believes the infomercial?

B.)  The product itself looks appealing w/o the celebrity push, but not sure if you should try it?

C.)  You’re skeptic, w/ or w/o the celebrity push it’s still a ‘business’ to you, they are there to make money.

No matter which type you are, you should always do your own research, regardless with their “pitch”.  Even if your friends have used the product and says “It’s amazing”, remember your body, hair or skin is not the same as yours.  Here are some of my suggestions:

1.)  Before making your order online, do your own research.  It’s okay to discuss with your friends the products they’ve used, but use them as notes, find out what has been pros and cons for them, you’ll discover each of your friends will have their variations.

2.)  Look up reviews, google the business to see if there are “scam” articles, research the blog itself to see if they are a reputable source and also talk to BBB to discuss your discoveries.

3.)  If you decide to order, do not order your first shipment online without chatting with a rep, before you close out the chat, make sure to take a screenshot of your conversation in case you need it for rebuttal or to show the business owner what their rep is promoting.

4.)  Before your give your card number, especially if it’s a debit you can contact your bank and let them know you are only purchasing the product for 30 days and for the exact amount you were promised.  Any additional transaction should be declined since it does not consitute an “authorized” transaction.  If you have a credit card, be your own rep, jot down the agent’s name, employee ID if they have none, ask them what call center they are located and if they state they have no supervisor, then you can make note to the BBB.

5.)  When you are ordering your product and your shipment comes in, be sure to take photos of before and after you open the product or a video.  Make note of inventory of all the products that was promised to you. When trying make up, lotion, hair products or anything you put on your body or hair, create a journal of your own experience, this will help your doctors, the business owner what they need to improve on (Some businesses actually do care and having a journal of your own experience will help them to improve the product.)

I want to thank you for reading my blog, I hope this helps.




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