Day 2, SB49 Blog Series.

Day 2, Super Bowl Blog Series

Hello and thank you for coming back. Did everyone enjoy the game last night? How about the Half Time? Did you notice the crazy commercials during the game? Were there commercials that you personally felt it was being exploitive? If so I want to hear from you, your feedback and how it affected you as an audience, but for now let’s hold those topics for tomorrow, today I want to thank you for returning and allowing yourself to be educated in this cause, but before I begin to share my personal story I want us to take a moment to just be in the moment.

Think about this: What exactly is Human Traffcking, aside from State and Federal Legislation Terms. How does Human Trafficking relates to us? How can we emerge with one another unless we can fully grasp on the definition, the laws and most of all the people that it affects, which is ALL of us, not just the victims.

About several years ago, David Schwimmer a Jewish-American Actor who played “Ross” on the hit TV series “Friends”; directed a powerful film called “Trust” regarding a teenage victim of online sexual predator. You can access the trailer here:

What I found so relatable when I saw the film wasn’t so much about the victim, but the rest of the family, friends and co workers; how a single incident can affect the lives around you if you were to be targeted. After internet and social media being on the rise, I have successfully reunited with old friends who knew me before my personal account of trafficking, how me being a “Missing Persons” affected them. Returning home to my immediate family and how it affects them as well, each person has given me different feedbacks, some of them has apologized for not doing enough, others are speechless and then you have those that refuse to talk about it as if it never happened.. We don’t talk about family dynamics, our finances, our employment and etc, we are so concentrated on just the victimization.

What I would like to cover today is how does Human Trafficking affect your daily lives, most of us assume it isn’t close. We are still uneducated of the demise and that it only targets a social class or lack there of, which none of it is true. Trafficking in Persons just like any disease or depravity, it does not discriminate and neither should we.

Every year leading up to the Super Bowl, I’ve seen activist, abolitionist and other people who are so passionate about raising awareness about trafficking, that I feel we need to do more; this year and leading up to next year’s Super Bowl my plan is to get pro-active, create a PSA of some sort, even if it’s to start a 1-3 min self video of “How Human Trafficking affects you.” Take a moment to learn, educate, research and even venture to programs, organizations and events to get involved. If you want to share “How Trafficking Affects you,” then I will gather your comments and feedback and share it on day 6. Until then be blessed and be safe.



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