Arts 4 Life Mission

Human Trafficking Awareness

Where words fail; music and art speaks.

Arts 4 Life under the umbrella of P.U.P.I.L (People Uplifting People In Life) is an annual fundraising extravaganza that will be the voice that brings awareness to the Human Trafficking and SEX Exploitation epidemic. Equivalent to modern day slavery, human trafficking is the practice of people being tricked, lured, coerced or otherwise removed from their home or country, and forced into non-paid labor, sexual exploitation, and other forms of involuntary servitude. Arts 4 Life will attack this hideous crime head on by increasing the public’s awareness of human trafficking and sex exploitation and assisting it’s victims with means of restoration for their future.

Why the Arts? Throughout history we have seen many examples of how Arts changes life. Many will remember the influence Art and music had in the Civil Rights movement and over the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee Martin Luther King agreed to form called SNCC (pronounced "Snick") which gave a new life and new awareness to SCLC in the early 1960s. In more recent times, we have seen how the world responded to the loss of 'KING OF POP Icon Michael Jackson, and we will continue to see how it will positively affect our next generation that can use ART as a vehicle to social change.

P.U.P.I.L also recognizes the importance of the Arts and its role in human existence and influence in education, human wellness and social change. We have proven to change lives through the McDonalds Gift competition, as well as the 'ARTS R Prevention' partnership with Michi Robinson in c/o Joanetta Patton (Usher's mother) and P.U.P.I.L's 'Rhythm Tech Program' in partnership since 2007.

P.U.P.I.L will utilize all of its resources, partnerships, sponsors, and supporters and combine music, art, and fashion for an evening filled with celebrity music performances, a couture fashion show, and special presentations by prominent community leaders and human trafficking survivors.

All of the benefits received from Arts 4 life will be used to continue public awareness and to fuel green job training, green job opportunities, and green shelter for victims of human trafficking.


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